5 Insider Tips for Installing Your Brewery or Distillery Boiler

Use these insider tips to save time and money when you select and install your new craft brewery boiler or artisan distillery boiler.

  1. Choose the right boiler for the job. A steel boiler is preferred over cast iron for durability. A power burner is preferred over an antiquated atmospheric design for safety and efficiency. Choose a boiler manufactured by a company with experience in your industry. More brewers and distillers choose Pottstown Engineered Products (PEP) boilers over any other boiler.
  2. Contact your local licensing and inspection office early in the planning and installation process to find out what boiler requirements are necessary in your local area. Will you be required to build a room around your boiler? Will you need low NOx emissions controls on your burner? (CA and TX)
  3. Plan your boiler room wisely so that there is room to work around the equipment and to do an annual inspection of the boiler pressure vessel.
  4. Test your boiler water chemistry and adjust to factory recommended standards. A water treatment company should be employed to test your boiler water periodically and adjust the treatment accordingly. PEP has water treatment equipment available as part of our boiler equipment package. This makes it easier to properly treat your boiler water and extends the useful life of your boiler.
  5. When installing your new boiler, be sure the technician has the capability to check and adjust the combustion settings on the burner. This will be important for validating your warranty and insuring the longevity of your PEP boiler system.